May 1st 2015

Dear Weightlifting Friends:
It is time once again to come to sunny Surrey for a weekend of friendly weightlifting competition and fun.
The competition is a two day event to accommodate all of the lifters who have expressed an interest in attending.
Food and Drink will always be available during the competition and, following the lifting on Saturday and the
B.C.W.A. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, the SEMI Weightlifting Club will be hosting a barbeque in the school´┐Żs courtyard
and we are hoping that everyone will be able to take part.
As in the past, there will be medals, trophies, and cash awards to the best lifters and in addition each
participating athlete will be given a commemorative T-shirt.
If you are planning on spending the weekend in the area I would urge you to arrange for accommodation early.
The nearest hotels and motels ranging from the luxurious to the spartan are only ten minutes from the school, very
busy places, and rooms should be booked as soon as possible. There are also many pleasant Bed and Breakfast
establishments in the area. For more information please contact the White Rock & South Surrey Chamber of Commerce

Phone (604) 536-6844 Website www.whiterockchamber.com
Fax (604) 536-4994 e-mail info@whiterockchamber.com

You will have to arrange your own transportation other than to and from the airport or ferry terminal.
Arrangements for airport or ferry pickup and delivery can be made if we are informed of flight numbers or
ferry runs and arrival and departure times by June 1st.
If you have other arrangements in mind please call me and I will try to help you. If you are a qualified
official and would like to be a part of the competition please let me know by June 1st and I will include you
in the event.
In past years entries have caused problems in terms of start lists, transportation, and food. This year

ALL PARTICIPANTS INCLUDING ATHLETES, COACHES, AND OFFICIALS are expected to submit registration forms but only
athletes pay the nominal entry fee.

Entry Form

Dieter Stamm, Director,
SEMI Weightlifting Club